Dr. Ajay Ramani : Spirulina Effect on pregnant women

I interviewed Dr. Ajay Ramani, a gynecologist, who shared his views on the effects of Spirulina on Pregnant Women


  1. Good morning!! i am a fitness trainer and i recommend spirulina for my client body builder. How many tablet they should take t see a aximum results? More Power Mr. Ghani.

  2. Good morning !! for maximum benefits take DXN Spirulina 4 - 4 - 4 capsules / tablets -

    4 at morning
    4 at afternoon
    4 at evening

    all preferably on empty stomach atleast 30 mins before any kind of meals.

  3. sir i m taking rg-gl for the last 3 months can i continue in my pregnancy if i conceive now.

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