My Own Goal Setting

How did I achieve my goal??? 

A lot of people have asked me as to how did I come to this level in my business : Executive Senior Crown Diamond. It took me a while just to say those words right, leave alone the benefit I am getting from it.

Simple answer : Made my goal and stuck to it.   

My goal setting story is interesting.  Joined DXN in March 2003, only focused on my health goal, saw the benefit, got it and then in September 2003, came on the business. In December 2003, I was fortunate to meet Dr. Lim at the first recognition night in Abu Dhabi. I only asked him one question “How to become successful in business?” having the underlying thought of making DXN a full time business.   

Dr Lim gave me 3 secrets, consume the products & become the product of the product, be laser focused on the business & do not look left and right and take care of the people who join your team. Simple tips but when applied, changed my life. Please note that at that time, I was working full time in my job and doing DXN part time. 

My journey from January 2004 to January 2005 was an uphill one; learning about DXN products, focusing on MLM business, evaluating my strength and weakness. But throughout my journey, I had a definite plan and goal. Lots of hours were spent to achieve the status of Star Diamond. 

In 2005, I made my short term goal to do DXN business full time from 2007 and THAT WAS the crucial decision of career shift. The 2 years after that was tough. When I say tough, I mean real tough—lot of learning MLM through Networking Times, traveling 1000s of kilometer every month, talking to lot of people one to one and over the phone and worst, facing a multitude of rejections. But in doing all this, I never deterred from my goal. 

I am thankful to God, Dr Lim, all the DXN staff, my dedicated team leaders/members and my supportive family for making that goal happen in 2007. Mind you, it did not happen overnight and it did not happen by luck. It took concerted efforts with a well defined short & long term goals. Since January 2007, I never looked back. It is exactly 5 years and I am enjoying every moment of it.   

My advice to all : write your SMART goal and stick to it, it may take longer than you expect but you will arrive at your destination sooner than not writing any goal at all. 

Happy Goal Setting...

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