My UAE and Qatar Training

DXN Qatar Meeting Schedule :  

On 3rd May (Thursday) at 7PM in ENGLISH
On 4th May (Friday) at 5PM in HINDI

UAE Meeting Schedule :

In DXN AL AIN on 1st May (Tuesday) 
at 8.30 PM in HINDI

In DXN SHARJAH on 2nd May (Wednesday) 
at 8.30 PM in ENGLISH

In DXN DUBAI on 16th May (Wednesday) 
at 8.30 PM in ENGLISH

In DXN ABU DHABI on 26th May (Saturday)
at 8.30 PM in HINDI 

Topic :  
Basic Business / Network Marketing Skills



  1. thinks a lot sir ,i proud on u.Abdul haq shj

  2. Salam Sir Thanks for writing me uor schedule i have seen it and in shaa Allah i will attend it. I have joined dxn, coz Hakeem Saeed Sahib , Chancellor of Hamdard Univ once told us that in order to treat patients we must also use and try Hikmat that is herbal medicine plus homeopathic. It is not necessary that all of the patients get benefit and cure from allopathic medicine only. Actually we must keep in mind this triad of allopathic, homeopathic and herbal medicines. Secondly i developed psoriasis a skin disease in my feet and i took dxn products for dat and still i m consuming them and me myself have observed and realize that these products are very good and have healing powers and my father is also taking them coz of weakness, B.P and Prostate problems and he is satisfied with the treatment.Its my wish that a day will come when the whole world will be aware of this company and there wont be any single patient in this world all will become healthy by using such a miraculous products especially da patients of cancer. Thirdly i like da atmosphere of da office in Karachi people here are very cooperative and helping. Sir plz help me so that i can prove myself as a precious gem of dxn family. Take care Regards Dr.Talat Mustafa dxn member, Karachi

  3. Hi,The event was opened, until earlier this year who provided a fascinating insight into how Qatar has evolved over the last decade. Drawing upon his vast experience in the region, detailed how recent developments have had a huge influence on both the opportunities within Qatar and also how the nation is now perceived by the International Community.Thanks....