My Success Story

DXN has been a blessing. Prior to, I was in the field of aviation working as an Aeronautical engineer for over 28 years. The job was fine but there was no time, financial or travel freedom. I entered DXN as a consumer due to the health problems I suffered from for 10 years, and while using the products, realized there was more to DXN than health benefits through the DXN successful entrepreneurs whom I met along the way.
From working for someone and having a boss to becoming my own boss was a wonderful transformation. And that was the start of my journey to personal freedom.
Now, 9 ½ years later, my life has completely changed, all praise is due to Allah who has bestowed me with such blessings.
Many people ask me about my secret to success. It is difficult to state all the factors, but all success is an outcome of overcoming challenges. Still, there are a few points worth mentioning...

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  1. Mr Fatemi I recognise your success did not come easily. Am new Dxn Distributor ready to work toward my dream.Thanks for your motivation am looking forward to hear from you.