UAE Webinar

Date          : 27th April 2014 (Sunday)
Time         : 9.00pm UAE time
Venue       : DXN Abu Dhabi, 
                     DXN Al Ain,DXN Dubai,
                     DXN Sharjah.
Topic         : DXN Marketing Plan
Language : English
Speaker    : Mr.Mohammad Fatemi Ghani

Special Note:
  • This webinar is only for members
  •  Everybody should be seated by 08.55pm
    Thank You!!! See You There!!!


  1. how? whashould we do to see in our loptop your presentation?


  2. This webinar is for UAE members only. The webinar is hosted in 4 DXN offices--Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai and Sharjah at the same time. Members need to go and get seated by 8.55 pm on 27th in respective offices.

  3. Bonjour M. Fatemi,,, je vous felicite de tout mon coeur,,, je vous souhaite un grand succes,,,,,

    Dr. Abdulrazzq aloujaili

  4. I saw Fatemi Ghani at the DXN karama office last week.
    I really want to ask for his autograph as I am a big fan.
    I always watch his youtube videos on How to do the business professionally.

    I really got inpired. I hope I can meet him personally.

    Joylee Quiambao