Sharing during the National Leadership Seminar

My wife shares her views about DXN, on how she was at first skeptical about DXN but changed her mind once she saw the health and financial benefits it offers. She also shares her opinion about the DXN business from a woman's point of view while offering some great marketing tips such as organizing home parties, serving DXN products to guests and so on.

Event : National Leadership Seminar
Date : 5 - 6th March 2011
Venue : KL International Hotel, KL


  1. GooD Morning ..Mam very nice Job u DiD for the Ladies to Share a Family Healthy Bussiness..I appriciate ur Support for womens wOrld wide..Thanx & Congrtulations For ur SucceSs...

  2. Good Morning, Shahgol, this is amazing. I am so happy to hear your presentation. A great one.. Mashallah. God bless you. I love you soooo much. Congratulation to you and to Mr. Ghani, you are wonderful couple and great partners.
    God with you .. Keep it up and we are following your steps.
    Wafa A. Bdair