Today is 1st February and those who had made resolution and goals, should know where they stand after 31 days of goal setting. If you haven’t made your goals yet, it is high time you do it - not for anybody else but for YOURSELF.  

In life, goal setting makes the difference between success and failure 

Some people ask me, what is goal?

Napoleon Hill, author of the bestseller, Think and Grow Rich defines goal as, “a goal is anything that you want to do, be, have, or achieve”

The other common question people ask is, “Why set goals?”

Simple answer, goals provide direction, definiteness of purpose and motivation. I would like to share some interesting data on goals. In a famous Harvard study, it was found that the 3% of people who wrote down their goals and planned how to achieve them, earned more than the other 97% combined.  

If you want to set goals, please follow Peter Drucker SMART goal formula. Every letter in SMART gives you a clear goal setting methodology.

Next thing in goal setting is to follow the 7 goal steps: 

Wish you all the best in your goal setting and manage it well.

Happy goal setting. 

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