Eye Protection Tips


Formerly Professor of Ophthalmology, Madurai Medical College, Madurai, India. 
The world around us looks beautiful because we can see it. Much of what we know and love in the world around us comes to us through our sight, yet many of us ignore the health of our eyes and take our eyesight for granted. 

Today's blog contains tips on simple lifestyle changes you and your family can make together to protect your vision. Find out how a healthy lifestyle and DXN supplement can help vision health; especially for children and people above 40. The blog also touches on night blindness and how it can be eradicated


  1. Dear Dr. Unnamalai... Good Morning.My Name is M.A.Wajid, from Bangalore.maw@microline.in, I have a friend, who is suffering from a strange disorder of the Eye Sight. He has worked on the computers for more than 30 yrs. His problem is, he can see for about 15 to 20 minute the normal way. Then his Eye Sight starts to wane and things become blurred and he can not see any thing clearly.He shuts his Eyes for 10 mnts, then again he is able to see normally. pls sugst Treatment with DXN suppliments. Rgrds.MAW/SR

  2. Good Morning Mr. Wajid. I am Wafa Bdair from DXN UAE. I have read your comment and I would like to participate in helping your friend. He is lacking vitamin A or called Beta Carotene/Retinol. Beta Carotine source comes from coloured fruites andvegetables and green leafy vegetablefs, . Retinol is from animal source such egg, meat and daily products.Now I advise you to give your friend our DXN Spirulina because it is rich in Vitamine A Beta Carotine, along with that he should take varieies of natural veggies and fruits.

  3. Good Morning Ms Wafa A.Bdair.
    Thank you for your response to my Request. I have forwarded your advise to my friend. He will SURELY follow your advise. As he has been suffering for long, I hope your suggestions will prove to be fruitful Insha Allah.
    Can I have your e-mail and that of Dr. Unnamalai also for future correspondence in this case? Rgrds. M.A.Wajid.

  4. Computer eye pressure was designed when it seemed the computer was worldwide and would always be, Perhaps.
    here is 5 easy tips to avoid 5 Tips to avoid computer eye strain