When you give your everything, anything can happen

The 2012 London Olympic Games, is starting on 27th July and over 10,000 athletes have gathered in London to test their stamina and skills with other contestants. Every 4 years, these Olympians teach the world many lessons. We see tears of joy for winning the gold and singing the national anthem and tears of sadness for touching the finish line micro seconds behind the gold medalist.

Michael Phelps, an American swimmer won 16 Olympic medals, 6 gold medals and 2 bronze in Athens in 2004 and 8 gold medals in Beijing in 2008. I was reading an interesting article as to what made him different from other swimmers and how he managed to capture so many gold medals. I was surprised to read that Phelps learned a trick or two from other underwater inhabitants, like dolphins and used backstroke dolphin kick to make the big difference.

Lesson 1 : Learn to do things differently which  
                 makes the difference in your business
Another sport, I always admired is TRIATHLON where competitors have to develop skills in 3 disciplines; swimming, cycling and running, a combination which takes longer to master. Likewise if you want to be successful in DXN, you have to be a Triathlete and master the 3 disciplines; prospecting, team building and leadership.
Here I would like to mention one of the greatest Olympic triathlon from Canada, Simon Whitfield. Simon competed in every Olympic triathlon since its games debut in 2000, where he stunned the world with his gold medal in the Sydney Olympics. At age 11, he started training himself to become a triathlon and as of 2008, 1:48:24.02 stands as the fastest Olympic triathlon. At age 37, Simon has qualified for the 2012 London Olympic in Triathlon. If there is one thing Simon has proven over his athletic career, it's that when you give everything, anything can happen.
Lesson 2 : Raise your own bar to get better
Are you giving your everything to achieve the success you are looking for?


  1. its wonderful we really do nothing for our business ,many thanks to you sir that you highlight this

  2. we really need to do different than other , so then we can success ,

  3. The ladder of success is steep and hard, one can only climb ifs/he is ready to sacrifice and do much more than what other tell you.
    Olympians are the best examples.