Step by step formula to DXN success

From basic to advanced level

People join DXN because they see a solution to their needs and problems. But what happens after a few months or few years? They are no longer using the products or are no longer active in the system. Do you think their problems have been solved? No.
Then what happened?

The biggest problem of network marketing industry in general is RETENTION---why people leave their companies.

If the new and old members follow this step by step formula, I feel strongly that they will remain in the system and of course their needs for which they initially joined will be fulfilled:
1. Use all the products and become product of the product (so that they see the benefits and have testimonials)
2. Talk and share about the benefit of the products, with the intention of helping them (the most important thing is when they are ready to consume the products, take time out to tell them how to use the product and share more benefits coupled with testimonials)

3. Make big consumer group, whom you know well and from them reach out to more consumers.

4. Start retailing the products to corner stores, wholesale and flea market and in exhibitions (here you need to make a few good roll up banners, register yourself with the local expo, make yourself visible via local flyers and newspaper)

5. As you are doing all the above, start learning the business skills of networking (where the big residual money is) and when you have learned the basic prospecting and presentation skills, your business has begun. Reach out to all your first warm market and then cold market.
6. Invest in yourself in the area of business. My personal advice is to join a well reputed Network Marketing University, buy MLM books and get a Network Marketing mentor.

7. Once your network starts growing, start building leaders in every line and within 3-5 years time, you will have enough leaders, then start focusing on the International market (first focus on local market then open International market)

8. By this time you should have at least 10 horizontal lines so that in 5 years time, your target should be to become Crown Diamond. This status you can only get when you "help enough people get what they want” Zig Ziggler
9. In the Network Marketing business, you can grow to the next higher level when you start working on yourself and your personal growth. There are 1000s of books on personal growth, read them. To become a leader, you have to be a reader.

10. Since our business has spread to over 50 countries, start Internet prospecting and marketing with the help of a Internet Marketing expert---expand your business outside your country. This is where you will start enjoying DXN, where you are mixing business with pleasure. DXN business is a business with no boundaries.

11. Once your business has been established in other countries, start traveling to those countries and train those members to become leaders.
12. While doing all the above, keep in mind to become a health and business trainer/coach (the higher level). Participate in all seminars, do everyday BOM, and move up to become a national and International speaker. 
13. Be part of all International Travel Seminar Incentives (ITSI) where you and your team accumulate yearly PV so much that DXN takes you on a free vacation to exotic lands. Here you have the opportunity to meet successful people from around the globe.

14. There is enough money for everybody in DXN, but to keep your motivation high, you need to get involved in reaching out to people with the beneficial products and get involved in some social cause (like I have in the night blindness project). 

This is the ultimate where the purpose is to not become a millionaire, or become a Crown Ambassador but to help millions who are waiting for your helping hand.


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  5. Thank you for this simple but true explanation. Earn,Teach is the key to having a solid network marketing foundation.

    Many people believe that they are already successful in other areas and fall into the trap of not knowing what they don’t know! Some may not be humble enough to admit that there are specific skills that needed to be mastered. Even worse, some allow their perceived difficulties to stop them from evening starting!

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