Motivation And Excitement Tips In DXN

Motivation and excitement are the essence of life. If these 2 elements are present, life can become more beautiful and be worth living. Some people think that motivational speakers can motivate them; they do, but that motivation lasts for a maximum of one week. What is important is a permanent and lasting motivation—and that only comes from within.

What motivates one person is completely different from the other person. In DXN, there are many factors which keep excitement and motivation alive. I have jotted down the following factors which will keep your motivation on a higher pedestal.
1. Use the product & be "the product of the product" and see and feel the benefit.
2. Share this benefit to others and see how they  are benefiting—all with the intention of helping others.

3. Give a target to your financial freedom. If others can do it, you can too. The best part of DXN business is that it takes you out of linear income and places you in residual income platform. You are your own boss and most importantly, you have the time freedom. Learn to help people solve their financial problems. The famous saying goes, "You help people get what they want and you will get what you want." Earning money for yourself is important but teaching other needy people to earn the same or more will give you immense pleasure.

4. Since you are a wellness coach, combine yoga, art of living and other natural healing methods with our DXN products. Try reaching out to people in a natural way and you will see how people will be attracted towards you. You will love this combination and this will fire you up. Of course, do what you say, and say what you do.

5. Becoming a TSIP achiever and traveling around the world is another source of motivation. The best part is to accumulate enough points so that your spouse joins you too.

6. The ultimate is to get involved in some noble causes: prevention from heart attack and stroke, night blindness solution, breast cancer protection drive, diabetes awareness, helping people with HIV and cancer. Through our products you can help many people in your own country, as well as around the world.

7.  Reach out to the mosque, church, and temple by giving wellness talks; volunteer yourself.

8. Give DXN product gifts to the poor & needy, who cannot afford our products and help them come out of their health problems.

9. Become a personal coach & mentor to your team and your excitement & motivation will always be alive.

Lastly,do what you love and love what you do, and I guarantee you the success. It may take a few years, but doing good work will give comfort of the heart. 

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  1. Absolutely true. Just if people think positively and right, they can give themselves the chance to be what they want to be and realize how life is valuable only in achieving good things to be blessed in the end. DXN is a changing lives plan, every one's life. Starting by one's own life and then to others. It takes a courrage to decide for one's self, but the burning desire within is the motive to take the step for the change. It is the real motivation.

  2. I was qualified on that TSIP before that shot was taken I think in Malaysia. You should not missed being a TSIP qualifier!

  3. Very informative and well written post! Quite interesting and nice topic chosen for the post

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