Coffee Shop and its Future through DXN

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world, next to water. 81% of individuals drink coffee occasionally and more than 63% drink coffee on a regular basis. The average consumption rate of coffee is at around 2.6 glasses per day, and it is largely consumed in the morning.
With the large consumption, only a small percentage of coffee makers produce safe  and healthy coffee without chemicals and dangerous substances. There are few coffee manufacturers who have Ganoderma in it. DXN is one of the companies which has Ganoderma in their coffee. I call it "energy coffee" or "more than a coffee"

Imagine healthy coffee with Ganoderma where people get health benefit. And if by drinking coffee and sharing benefit from it, you can start a business, nothing like it.
I was in Adis Ababa, Ethiopia last December where I met Ms Ambanesh, DXN main stockiest and a business woman. Along with her other businesses, she had started a unique coffee shop. I interviewed her and following are questions and answers about her coffee shop.

Question1. What is the concept of your special coffee shop, called "Green Arts Coffee"?
Answer:The concept is to provide natural, healthy and nutritious food and drinks. In addition, to promote healthy life style which is becoming more important than ever before in the world today and which DXN products are contributing a lot.

Question 2. How are people responding to it?

Answer : People are responding to it positively and are appreciating the
concept as it is the first one in Ethiopia. They also like the simple, decent/calm and relaxing environment setup.

Question 3. What all things are you serving along with coffee to your customers?

Answer : Along with our DXN coffee and other beverages, we also serve, light vegetarian food and snacks from Ethiopia and other parts of the world.

Question 4. What is the future of such coffee shop in Ethiopia?
Answer : In the future we plan to open several of them in the capital city and some in the other regions. We will introduce more healthy and nutritious food. We also plan to make it a platform for health (Prevention)and Nutrition discussion and training via videos and small talks by the experts.
Special note for all : The history shows that Ethiopia gave coffee to the world and now DXN Ethiopia has started with the new idea of Coffee Shop where we teach people about healthy eating and drinking.
Similar Coffee Shop concept can get started around the world

Food for thought! 
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  1. Great idea !! Everybody would love a "green" coffee !
    Wishing this business huge success in Ethiopia

  2. Good idea energy and health and happiness

  3. best.. i will also make a coffee shop soon..

  4. and i believe i will grow faster and faster.. taste, health and happiness that directly lead me success..

  5. yes i have also dxn coffee shope in quetta pakistan