Doing DXN Business as a Business

Most of the people join DXN to do business but unfortunately treat the business as a hobby business and that is why they get hobby bonus (little bonus). If these members treat the business like a business, they will get business result and of course big bonus.

I have following points for those who are serious to do the business as a business.

1. Monitor your monthly growth. If your business in not growing by 10% every month, you have to start talking to more people, make new consumers and members and boost your business from existing members and consumer.


2.Have a fortnightly meeting with your leaders and see and talk about their 10% growth.

3. Do you monthly 300 PPV by 15th of each month and let your entire team do the same.
4. If you are a Star Diamond, make sure that your 4 SA are QSA by 15th of each month--check their status from CSS.

5. As a business builder, you should do minimum 300 PPV (not 100 PPV and depend on 200 from non SA). Once you have done your own PPV than help others who are struggling to qualify with your surplus PV. But make sure they do at least 50% of their PV and you help them for few months only.

6. Most important learn the marketing plan thoroughly and check CSS everyday for at least 10 minutes and see who is working and who needs your support.
Remember, CSS is the pulse of your business.
Note: Since I am based in Gulf our personal qualification is 300 PPV--for other countries like India, personal qualification is 3000 PPV and for US/Canada it is 100 PPV.

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