Is There a Network Marketing Success Formula?

People who join Network Marketing business think there is a magic formula to be successful. Like any other business, Network Marketing also demands knowledge, skills, and patience to succeed. I have highlighted a few success steps for business builders (also known as members or distributors) to succeed in Network Marketing. 

1. Use all the products and become product of the product--so that the business builder can experience the benefits of the products, and have their own personal testimonials.
2. Talk about the benefits of the products with others. The most important thing for business builders is to use and consume all the products, take time out to tell their prospects how to use the products, and share the benefits of the products.
3. Make big consumer groups, whom business builders know well, and reach out to more consumers through the consumer groups.
4. Start retailing the products to corner stores, wholesale, flea markets, and exhibitions. The business builders need to make attractive roll up banners, register themselves with the local expo, and make themselves visible via local flyers and newspaper.
5. After building their consumer groups, they should make a big prospect list—and reach out to all their hot and warm markets.
6.  Business builders should invest to educate themselves by joining well reputed Network Marketing University (Networking University,, buying Network Marketing books, CDs, and DVDs. The key to success in Network Marketing is to learn basic prospecting and presentation skills.
7. Once the network starts growing, the business builders should start building leaders in every line and within 3-5 years’ time, they should have enough leaders, thereby focusing their attention on the international market.
8. By this time business builders should have at least 10 front lines so that in 5 years’ time, their target should be to become one of the top achievers of their company.
9. In Network Marketing, business builders should grow to the highest level when they invest time and money on their personal growth. There are 100s of books on personal growth, and business builders should read every day to develop themselves. To become a leader, you have to be a reader.
10. Since the Network Marketing business is spread all over the world, the business builders should start internet prospecting and marketing with the help of an Internet Marketing expert. This is where they will start enjoying the international business—the business with no boundaries.
11. Once the business gets established in other countries, the business builders should start traveling to those countries and train the new members to become leaders.
12. While doing all the above, the business builders should keep in mind to become a business trainer/coach (the higher level), they should participate in all the seminars, Opportunity Meeting, and move up to become a national and international speaker/trainer.
13. They should qualify for all the Travel Seminar Incentives, and be part of free vacations to exotic lands. In these trips, they will have the opportunity to meet successful people from around the globe.
14. The biggest joy in Network Marketing business is the power of giving. Business builders should invest in reaching out to people in need by getting involved in a social cause. This should be the ultimate goal, where the purpose is to not become a millionaire, or get the highest status in the company, but to help millions who are waiting for your helping hand.