Helping Nepali Earthquake Victims

Nepal is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I have experienced the beauty of Nepal by visiting it four times --from Pokhara to Kathmandu to Everest. I found the Nepalese humble, warm, and very resilient. Today, unfortunately, after 8 days of a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, over 7000 are dead, 14000 are injured, more than 8 million have been affected, 3 million people are in need of food aid. 130,000 houses have been destroyed, and 24,000 people are now living in makeshift camps. It saddens my heart to see the beautiful valleys and many cities and towns completely devastated by this calamity.
From around the world, aid workers have arrived, providing medical assistance to the survivors, and digging out people from the rubbles. Thousands are sleeping in the open in the make shift tent. The fate of many in the valleys is still not known, where help has not even reached. I recognize the toughness and resilience of Nepalese, and I am positive they will come out of this hardship, but right now they need all our help. Please reach out to all the Nepali in general and DXN members in particular (which are in hundreds of thousands, mostly in Gulf and Malaysia), and empathize and comfort them in this hour of need. Let us all join hands and help our Nepali brothers and sisters so that they come out of this hard time. 

No doubt there are many countries and independent organizations (for example, and The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Nepal Earthquake Appeal) that are sending aid to Nepal, but I feel their efforts will not be enough to build what is lost and destroyed. They need much more than aid. I have heard people feeling sorry for Nepal and its’ people—right now, in addition to sympathy, they need our urgent monetary help. My appeal to all of you is to give something, $1 or a dirham, or whatever you can give, because at this point, every penny counts. It will go towards building lives of millions who have lost everything in just 20 seconds (that was the duration of earthquake—and that is what the might of Mother Nature ).

Like other organizations, DXN has embarked on a Special Charity Donation to Nepal Earthquake Fund, where you can donate from your May bonus, or simply fill out the form and donate the money at any DXN office around the world.

Please contact your nearest DXN Branch to obtain the form :
We all pray that the hard times of Nepali in Nepal are over soon. Amen.

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