One World, One Market.

(DXN Global Offices, Virtual Service Centers and Facilitators)
“Network Marketing is a tremendous way to cross boundaries and eliminate prejudice. It gives you the opportunity to deal with your global neighbors. It doesn’t really matter whether you speak the language or whether you eat differently or pray differently.”

                                                        - Dr. Denis Waitley

My Story

My global DXN business took me from Dubai to Nepal to China and Philippines in the east. To the West I travelled to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Sudan, and almost all over Europe. Across the Atlantic, I went from Peru in the south to Mexico, USA and Canada in the north. The world became one big global village for me. If your Network is located in many countries, you could well imagine where you can travel and expand your business. This is all what travel freedom is all about.

The “One World, One Market” concept in DXN business allows you to go beyond your borders. The best part is that you need not open all those countries at once or by your own effort. Rather when someone in your team enrolls a new member anywhere in the world, that member automatically becomes a part of your Global team and that is the power of globalization in our business of Network Marketing.


Why is expansion of network marketing to other countries important? 

You can start and build your business in your own city or country but it is vital to expand globally. Why? The way the world economy and political situations are changing, nobody can predict what is going to happen next. If you see the recent world recession scenario some countries were badly impacted and others were not. It does not take years but just a few months to drastically transform the political situation of a country: today peace and tomorrow we see those countries at war or civil strife. 

In order to have a stable income in your business, it is important to expand your business in other countries. So even if the economy of one country is badly affected, you still get your bonus from other countries. This is the beauty and strength of Network Marketing and the “One World One Market” concept.

DXN worldwide offices

Following are the countries where we have DXN offices (branches and stockiest). Contact details are given in,

DXN Virtual Centers / Facilitator Worldwide

Following are the countries where we have DXN virtual service centers, where an office is run by active DXN members:


Great Britain, London
Contact Person: GS Qureshi
Phone: 0044 208 199 4786

Ireland, Dublin
Contact Person: Ali Abbas
Phone: 00353862020939

Poland, Gdansk
Contact Person: Anna Binek
Phone: 0048 505-126-491

Sweden, Malmo
Contact Person: Maria Muller
Phone: 0046 735 73 69 61

Belgium, Antwerp
Contact Person: Gita Lama 
Phone: 0032483056145

Denmark, Aarhus
Contact Person: Poul Kristiansen
Phone: 0045 42411705

Iraq, Bakhtiari, Arbil
Contact Person: Jamal , Bruges and Joseph
Phone: +964 751 106 9813, +964 751 106 9813

Syria, Damascus
Contact Person: Mr.Amira
Email: (Facilitator --not an official agent)

Nigeria, Okota LagosContact Person: Mrs.Orji
Phone: +2348033144542 / +2349099170183/ +2348137228387

Egypt, Cairo
Contact Person: Dr.Abd Altwawab A. Hussain
Phone: 00201113990066
Email: --not an official agent)

Algeria, Algiers
Contact Person: Mr.Hussain
Phone: +213770260045/+213666279928Email:
(Facilitator --not an official agent)

Morocco, AL Dakhla
Contact Person: Mr.Aziza
Phone: +212668017294
Email: --not an official agent)

Somalia, Mogadishu
Contact Person: Abdulfatah Yusuf
Phone: 00252615556110

Contact Person: Abdishakur Afrah
Phone: 00252615553080

Contact Person: Barkhad Mohamed Abdaala
Phone: 0025290774010

Contact Person: Abdifatah Dayib
Phone: 00252634612140

(Note: All the above in Somalia are facilitators--not an official agent)
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    Map your Freedom book
    DXN website:



  1. I am regular reader of your blog and no doubt it all stuff is awesome. The best thing about your sharing and posting is that you always provide content that is helpful for both the newbie and experts. Looking for more stuff and tutorials.

    Love from Tech Solutions Desk

  2. Emocionado con esta gran compañía mi deseo es poder avanzar y ser un gran distribuidor a nivel mundial.

  3. Hi mr fatemi,
    Can you please explain what is (Facilitator --not an official agent)?

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  5. Official agent are also called service centers who have been designated by nearby DXN office. Facilitator are DXN members who are helping people in respective countries where there is no DXN office nor DXN service centers. They are facilitating consumers and members on a small scale and once the business grow, they can request DXN Malaysia to either open office or provide them with service center status.