Challenges faced by most Networkers

In the beginning, most networkers face the same challenges, and if not resolved, these challenges continue to linger even after a few years. I received the following email from a Networker and the challenges he was facing in the business. Coincidentally, these are common hurdles most networkers encounter daily. I have decided to share his email along with the solution. 

 “I am working to become Star Diamond--just looking for advice on how to counteract apathy and inaction. I started weekly seminars/webinars and promoted it to distributors and new people, but only a few listen in. I am unable to get a lot of people to meetings.

In your experience, what is the best strategy to get people to try and buy products, and come to the meetings or onto webinars?"


My reply with advice and solution is as follows:

Good Morning, 
Thanks for the update. I want to wish you all the best in getting the status of Diamond, but remember, getting just the status without big bonus is pointless.

Focus on building your team with a bigger sale volume (PV), and you will automatically get your status as well as big bonus.

Apathy and inaction are a major problem for networkers. Most people join the business with enthusiasm and excitement but within a year, all their enthusiasm dies because they are not successful in earning good money. One sure way to come out of inaction is to write your WHY on your Why Card. You should be crystal clear as to why you joined the network marketing business and YOUR burning desire to do the business. Once you have written your why, next you need to read it daily so that you program your subconscious mind to take you out of inaction and propel you towards action.

You need to take certain action daily and evaluate it weekly. Access your performance under a microscope. Upline success leaders, coaches or mentors are the best people to remove the stumbling block from your way. Here you need to be accountable to your coach and send them WEEKLY COACHING FORM, so that they can show you your mistakes and help you find solutions to your problems.

Getting several people to attend your seminars and webinars depends on how you, your leaders, and members are approaching people inviting prospects. Newton’s Law says it all, “For every action, there is equal and opposite reaction”. In your business, your main action is to talk to people daily. Make sure all your active members bring at least one prospect to your meetings, and in a few weeks, I assure you will have a presentation room full of people.

A strategy for people to buy the products is to make yourself VISIBLE by participating in Expo, fairs, etc., and volunteer for free wellness talks in schools, offices and community centers and let them try the products. Gather all your leaders and members and devise new ways to reach out to people. Local strategy has to be brainstormed.

With technology so affordable and accessible, make best use of Internet/digital marketing and reach out to people first in your local area and then to your city and then to your country.

Since this is business and must be done professionally, you need to invest some money in promoting your products and yourself.

If you are conducting meetings, tell your members to get at least one person in your next meeting.

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