Why I Love Network Marketing Business?

When I was introduced to the Network Marketing in 2003, I saw it as a health provider, but when I delved deeper, I saw my personal freedom—freedom to get out my stressful job, saw that I could have time and financial freedom and above all, I saw a way to help hundreds of people.  I saw the beauty of giving, and fell in love with the entire system.

It is an amazing business model where a person does not need a big capital to start the business, does not require a college degree or an office, a shop or a warehouse. It can be done by rich or poor, young or old, working or stay home mom. 

   Freedom to Give 

There are two things the entire world needs: good health and enough money to enjoy life and not be dependent on anybody. I have traveled to rich and poor countries and seen thousands of people benefiting in both the areas. There cannot be a better way to earn a living by finding the problems of people and providing them solution. The best part of the business is that if people like the solution, well and good, if they do not like the solution, no problem. I am still a winner because in both ways, my intention was to help, whether I hear No or Yes.

  Time Freedom
In any job or business, one is bound to work at specified time and location---many times people have to work extra hours and even work over weekends.  In network marketing profession, there is no restriction of time and place. You can work from the comfort of your home and create your own hours and plan your business around them.

Financial freedom 
Before DXN, I did not have any plan B (no back plan, if I lose my job) and I was literally clinging to the job and of course, the boss was always right, even if he was wrong. This is the hidden stress of most of the jobbers. I started doing my business as part time and in four years, made it a full time business. There is no doubt I invested several hours in those years to get my financial freedom, but I enjoyed every moment of it—I loved what I did.

  Growth freedom
After graduating as an aerospace engineer, my growth was limited to technical knowledge and that too stagnated after 10 years. After joining DXN Network Marketing business, I had to study Food Science and Nutrition in order to understand food supplements, nutrients and how all these natural herbs work in our body. Even though I received sufficient knowledge in two years to know and talk about the organic supplements of DXN--- today after 12 years, I am still a student of food science and learning about food and food supplements.  The education which gave me the financial freedom was Network Marketing and when I decided in January 2004 to do it as business, I immediately registered myself with Networking Times University and later got a personal coach for a year from MLM University ---I invested time, effort, and money to learn the skills of the business. Last but not the least was the area of personal development and this I feel is a never ending sea of knowledge. In order to be successful, one needs to constantly find their weaknesses and strengths and work around it.

  Enjoyment, Fun and Friendship

The best part of our profession is traveling to different countries, training people, and making friends globally--- this is the greatest rewards of building my business.
What I love most about DXN is having the opportunity to build success by helping others succeed. We celebrate our success together in yearly Travel Seminar Incentive trips around the world.

Today many people ask me why I love DXN and what is so wonderful about network marketing industry? My answer is simple and straight ---it has given me happiness and personal freedom. Every day is a beautiful day where I get to meet new people, help people who need my help---consumers, members and leaders. Ultimate happiness comes when you show people how they can also get the personal freedom.

Long Live DXN, Long Live Network Marketing Industry

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